"It wasn't so much that I decided to run rather, I was asked to run. I grew up in a small rural community in South Texas where the County Commissioner was often the only face of county government we had quick access to. I always admired those folks and their dedication to our community needs. The residents of Precinct 1 asked me to run because they want a Commissioner who responds to the precinct needs, who knows what's happening in the community and someone who understands that government, even at the local level, should work for the people who live, work and raise families in the community."

Pillars of Success 


"I strive to do my best and give 100% effort in all I do. My Dedication and efforts often lead me into leadership positions. I understand however, that dedication, effort, and a willingness to lead are not enough to be a successful leader. I have attended numerous leadership courses throughout my working career and will continue educating myself as a commissioner."


"As a financial crimes investigator I understand the importance of transparency. A lack of transparency or false transparency is always the foundation upon which fraud occurs. As a commissioner I will make it a priority to provide complete transparency to the citizens of Comal County." 


"County government exists to serve the citizens, employees, and visitors of the county. Its hard to provide service if your not accessible to those who need you. It is the commissioners job to answer emails, phone calls, and to attend meetings and functions within the community. Being available is non-negotiable, as your commissioner I will be there for you when you need me."  


"I will have the integrity to do the right thing even if it goes against popular opinion. Commissioner or not I will continue to maintain the highest level of integrity for myself and will expect it from all of our county officials."

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 Pol. Adv. Paid By Richard K. Smith for County Commissioner, Margaret Smith, Treasurer, 301 Canyon Edge, Canyon Lake, TX 78133